March 22, 2017 Announcement

CJPP is Hiring a Senior Researcher to work on our Criminal Justice Debt Initiative

The Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School is hiring a senior researcher as part of its National Criminal Justice Debt Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to help bring about major reforms in the way that jurisdictions around the country impose and collect fees and fines in the criminal justice system. The senior researcher will support that mission by leveraging social science evidence that may inform these reform efforts. The senior researcher will work with academic researchers, advocates, and policymakers around the country (drawing on, and expanding, CJPP’s existing network) to identify appropriate policy changes and pursue law reform to implement those changes. The senior researcher will function as a conduit between researchers and practitioners, drafting reports and white papers synthesizing existing evidence to assist advocates and policymakers while also framing questions for additional research grounded in challenges facing reformers. The senior researcher will also work closely with the director of the National Criminal Justice Debt Initiative, as well as CJPP’s executive director, in crafting a national strategy for advancing policy reform in this area.

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